Why does your Business need a website?

More and more people are looking to the web for the products and services they need. Consumers want to be able to access products and services online and businesses have to obey consumer expectations!

Regardless of the nature of your business, the Internet is the most economical and efficient way to do business in the 21st century. There are numerous advantages for your business to be online. A Professionally developed web site keeps more money in your pocket when you think of your website as a workforce multiplier. Your website can enhance numerous aspects of your business.


A web site is a great sales multiplier for any product or service, business to consumer or business to business.
Electronic (E)-Transactions are becoming more acceptable, your business needs to take advantage of this resource and sell your products/ services directly to your customers/ clients. Anything that is sold by mail order can equally be sold via your website, this will not only increase your sales but will acculturate greater convenience at reduced transaction costs.
Plus, you can be supplied with valuable and instant feedback on existing product or services and even comments on your company website. This fuels market planning.


Your website is a dynamic multimedia marketing tool and can include images, video and audio plus a wealth of company and product information. Your sales force can directly interact with a customer online! With a website, your are assured of increased hours of operation and thus more sales since your web site works for you 365 days a year 24 hours a day and is available not only locally but globally as well.
Social Media - Communicate with your clients and have them recommend you to others via social sites like facebook and twitter.
Referrals from e-Mails - Having a web site makes it easier for your current customers to recommend your product or service to others via email.
Widen your sales distribution - through online affiliate programs and digital franchising. These are great ways to increase market share.

A website can also save you thousands of shillings in advertising per year. You won't have to spend big money on large printed ads. Instead, you can opt for smaller ads and then provide the Web address to your website for readers to learn all about your company.


Advertising on the World Wide Web is quite different to traditional media. It is interactive, providing an informative and educational experience for the visitor. When people visit your pages, they usually access the site via a link that explains the nature of the content they can expect to find, so they won't be disappointed. You can provide to your clients / customers resources like brochures, technical specs, list of available products/ services, your offices and agents at no extra printing costs.


With a website, you can conveniently and quickly distribute your published magazines, newsletters, brochures, products and price lists. In cases of Errors and Omissions, the pages can be easily edited with at no extra costs.

For many businesses, your website is your business card and represents the key element of communication to your customers. Even if you do not conduct all of your business through your website, it may become the deciding factor when choosing you over a competitor.


Research is not just for academics, You can use your website to conduct online surveys, polls and market research. The material you publish defines the readers you get. From the surveys, you can record data that might be expensive and difficult to collect by conventional means.

You can Survey your website visitors for products and services your thinking about adding. An online survey can give you valuable insights when your company is considering what new products or services to offer in the future.

Support and Training

Your website can provide a platform for training and supporting your employees and clients/ customers. All you have to do is refer all your clients/ customers to your website-help page for answers/ solutions to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This way you ensure that your clients/ customers access the latest help files on show. You can also operate online discussion groups on your website to allow clients/ customers air problems and share solutions.

If your business has geographically spread out branches, nationally or internationally, the Internet offers a cost effective concept for education/ training without wasting resources in terms of time and money.


You can use your website as a source for not only potential candidates but also for corporate employers to register vacancies.


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We know technology

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